Katelyn Frizzell is a graduate student studying planetary science. She's passionate about missions, space policy, and instrumentation, and aspires to one day lead her own NASA mission as a principal investigator. She began her studies at Western Washington University under the advisorship of Dr. Rice, who introduced her to the concept of planetary science. She worked with others to create a spectral database of Mastcam spectra from the Curiosity Rover, and eventually graduated with a major in geophysics and a minor in astronomy. She then worked for a year at the Applied Physics Laboratory after a successful internship, where she did data processing and development for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's CRISM spectral image cubes. She helped to fix over 18 TB of previously unusable spacecraft data, which was later released to NASA's Planetary Data Sciences node. She is finishing up her master's degree at Rutgers University where she studies Martian heat flow and remote sensing using GRS data and modeling. Currently, Katelyn is preparing to move across the country to Arizona State University to start her PhD in planetary science, with a focus on spectroscopy, instrumentation, and mission operations/development. In her free time she enjoys acrylic painting, playing instruments, cooking, and designing enamel pins.

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